We place ourselves in the mission of protecting the environment by developing and deploying waste management projects. Our goal is to become the leader of waste handling service providers in Vietnam, and to introduce new and advanced technologies into the market.


Vietnam Waste Solutions, Inc. (VWS) is a licensed Vietnamese Corporation which is fully owned by California Waste Solutions, Inc.,(CWS) a California, USA corporation. It was established to provide waste management services to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Its services include but are not limited to owning, developing (including technical consulting, engineering and construction) and operating solid waste management and treatment facilities. Solid waste management facilities include state-of-the-art sanitary landfill, material recovery (recycling) facilities (MRF’s), composting facilities, transfer stations, and, solid waste collection services. VWS will pursue a distinctive strategy in this market by providing a total solution for our clients so that, from start to finish, they will no longer have to manage their own solid wastes. Vietnam Waste Solutions is responsible for the design, construction and operation of the Da Phuoc Integrated Waste Management Facility (DPIWMF). The DPIWMF is located in the Da Phuoc Commune of the Binh Chanh District of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Total capital investment will exceed US$ 100 million. Investment sources are CWS, American and Vietnamese Banks.

The founder of VWS, Mr. David Duong who is a Vietnamese-American and also Chairman and CEO of California Waste Solutions, Inc., (CWS), California, USA, has acquired personal expertise in the solid waste management business due to his experience owning three similar facilities in the State of California. CWS is currently the 37th ranked waste management company on the top-100 list by Waste Age magazine. This experience gives the management at VWS an acute insight into the relevant business environment which is required for the success of the Company. Mr. Duong also wants to bring to Vietnam, his native Country, his gained experience and know-how in order to contribute to the financial and environmental well being of the Country. 


The DPIWMF is located in the marine wetlands of the Da Phuoc Commune of the Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City in the southern portion of Vietnam. A Class II landfill, as defined by California Regulations, is under construction at the site. Phase 1 of the project is a landfill area of approximately 30.6 hectares and approximately 3 million m3 of airspace. Phase 1 has a design capacity of 12.000 tonnes per day and current treats 3,000 tonnes per day for Hochiminh City and 20 tonnes per day for Long An. Other landfill phases will produce an estimated 15 to 21 year capacity.